The COMMUNICATIONS MINISTRY TEAM is in the WITNESS category of mission and ministry.

The Communications Ministry Team shares the church's story with the public, identifies the visions and goals of the local church, informs the church members and the larger community of the ministries, programs, activities and mission projects,  promotes opportunities and resources of the local church, instructs members and community residents in ways to celebrate faith and helps make the 'church's vision come alive in people's thought, words and actions'.

There is INTENTIONAL communications in which the church states clearly in purpose, plan and promotion the Nurturing, Outreaching and Witnessing opportunities and ministries of the church.

UNINTENTIONAL communications is defined by the information and identity of a local church that is learned through observation of what a church's activities and facilities imply about a church's character and real interests.  The local church is always 'communicating'!  The Communication's Team is to help the church communicate to the larger community what the church WANTS communicated.

The Communications Team uses a variety of 'tools' to communicate the church's witness and mission: Public media(newspaper, radio, TV, website, etc.), advertising(church newsletter, brochures, flyers, signage, bulletin boards, etc.), internet and especially personal conversation.